I will remove or unbind a hex or negative intention from your being

remove or unbind a hex or negative intention from your being

About This Gig

Everything is connected, from the smallest cat that crosses your path to the celestial movements of the heavenly bodies above. 

Even in your own life as experienced from your own unique point of view, you yourself are influenced by this infinite array of phenomena unfolding in real-time before your very eyes. 

Unfortunately, many of us become snagged in some of the negative energy fields that creep up in our every day lives, and occasionally need some outside help to shake the funk. 

This is where I come in! 

For just five dollars I will happily work with you to lift the hex afflicting you through one of two methods: 

-Positive intention (mantras, prayer, intense visualization and manifestation)
-Elemental purging (I bind your negative energy field into a physical object that I burn)

Unfortunately, unbinding hexes is very draining on my vitality so I can only do one or the other for you at a time; if you would like me to perform both techniques I will require at least three days between bindings. 

Thanks for looking!

May you find what you are looking for, seeker. 

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