I will write a killer call to action solo ad copy that will convert

write a killer call to action solo ad copy that will convert

About This Gig

I will Write A Creative Top Converting, Call to Action Solo Ad For You

Having a business proposal or product to sell and lack the basic necessities lo launch your product, want to send out mails to your mlm affiliates and cpa's, this gig is for you.

Solo ads are email list or blast sent to subscribers interested in products and offers.

You need a quality convincing and converting solo ad copy that will wow your readers and make them glued to your website/product.

A solo ad copy in a simple term is an advertising email
while solo ads are where you pay to have your ad email 
sent to someone else's list.

Solo ads gives you the opportunity to put your ad in front 
of thousands & potential hundreds of thousands of people 
already subscribed to someone else's list.

  • creatively write an ATTENTION GRABBER

  • strategically position your link in a call to action
way that naturally get them to click to your offer.



*  I Will Professionally Deliver 100 + Effective Social Network Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

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