I will design and develop a IVR system

design and develop a IVR system

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IVRs (interactive voice response) are automated phone systems that can facilitate communication between callers and businesses. If you've ever dialed your credit card company to check on a balance after responding to a series of automated prompts, you've used an IVR. i can create powerful IVRs for your business.


A phone number is provisioned and its Voice URL is set to the handle-incoming-call.xml script. When a call is made to that number, Twilio makes a web request to your application's Voice URL for instructions on how to handle the call.

We design IVR based on your description.......


IVR: welcome to Horllste fiverr Gigs, press 1 to listen to hie gigs one after the other, 2 to purchase his gig, 3 to get directions to his office, 4 to speak with an agent and 5 to speak with him directly........


we can designed it to ask your callers series of questions and it will send the call recordings to your email, we could as well implement IVR with your database to do various things.


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