I will cast a Make them Obsessed with me Spell

cast a Make them Obsessed with me Spell

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Description Simple obsession spell (30min-hour) Extreme Ultra
  SImple spell with a jumbo large fixed and prayed obsession candle. Obsession spell done for 2 days on the alter with Powerful candles and a obsession voodoo ritual for the whole 24 hours with an obsession voodoo and a obsessed mind control candle (extreme results
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About This Gig

Need a spell that really kicks things in gear? If you are tired of complacency in your relationship and would like to see someone become obsessed with you for a change, then this spell casting could add that desired spark to any relationship.

Warning: This could cause someone to be a pest of sorts, always wanting to talk, be together, make love frequently and express their desire for you publicly. 

Package Info:ღ
Simple Obsession spell (30min-hour)ღ
-SImple spell with a jumbo large fixed and prayed obsession candle.
Extreme Obsession spellღ
-Cast this spell for a on my binding alter with obsession and fire of love candles. The candles are fixed and loaded and prayed over for 4 hours. (powerful results)
One Day Ultimate Obsession Spellღ
-You will get the same as the extreme spell( Placed on binding alter , prayed over added with the jumbo candles) with implanted thoughts( i will implant a maessage for serveral hours) and a extra large jumbo candle

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    While all the packages are good each package serves there own case. Most people buy the ultimate package because it saves you money and included a good bit of stuff but all of the packages are great ! and have helped many people get there lover back!