About This Gig

**** SEND TO ME YOUR 60 second RADIO SPOT MP3 ***  file. I will run it fourteen times. This ad will air on my online gospel station and be tweeted to my 6k+ real followers at the same time doubling your exposure. Ad can not contain adult, sexist, racist, vulgar language and must be suitable for a G rated audience. Ad can not promote another radio station or program on another station. Affiliate or website link will be displayed on Twitter when tweeted. Please use Fiverr voice talent to make your ad if needed.

Please Remember:

YOU MUST PROVIDE The :30 or :60 Second Radio Spot in mp3 format:
  • WE WILL NOT create the spot for you.
  • The effectiveness of your ad is determined by the ad it self.
  • Make sure your ad is compelling enough to make people want to click it or get more information.
  • The best ads of any type are those that help people solve a problem.
  • Think about things like that when creating your ad.
  • We need your Twitter name so you can be notified each time your ad runs. 
  • Proof = twitter snapshot & notifications

My listeners and followers will click your ad because they click mine which brings up the point that you always need a way to track ads.