About This Gig

What Am I Offering?

I am offering a revolutionary service for just a gig. I will install Wordpress on your blog/site for just a gig. Yes, that is just the whole Wordpress installation for just a gig. I have been offering this service on different sites for higher amount but for you, I have reduced the cost to just a gig. Just for you.

A Little About Me

I have installed Wordpress on +10000 websites and my work is very professional. I will install Wordpress on your blog for just a gig. 

I am a well known Wordpress guru on the internet. You can find my work online.

Free Service With Wordpress Installation

With Wordpress, I will install your favourite theme on Wordpress too, for just a gig. This is the most low cost offer on the planet.

Apart from this, I am also offering money back guarantee if the gig is not completed well.