I will get you low bounce rate traffic to different pages

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get you low bounce rate traffic to different pages

About This Gig

✔ Need stable nature traffic flow to your website? Naturally the visitors will go to different pages of a website

✔ To look more nature in the eye either of your clients, sponsors, advertisers or search engines, you need traffic to different pages of the site. 

✔ You can even decide the percentage visitors of each page to get

✔ Visitors are mostly (about 60% or more) from USA

✔The visitors will actually look around your website, so the visitors' bounce rates are very low

✔ Visitors will actually look around your site, average duration time on site is at least 30 seconds or even longer depending on your content;

✔The traf-fic are Direct (no referral) and 100% SAFE.

✔All details are trackable on your Google Analytics

✔ For $5, I will split at least 1000 visitors to up to 10 different inner pages of one domain in 5 days. And you can order for long term with special discounts, check out gig extras.

✔ The standard gig is about 200 visits per day, if you need more, please order multiple gigs. For example you need 1000 visitors daily, please choose the order quantity of 5.

✔***Please note***:

Please set up your GA of the website correctly to track the visitors before order!