I will send Shut Ups candy to you or a friend

send Shut Ups candy to you or a friend

About This Gig

Ever have those moments where you just need some peace and quiet? Yep! Me too. What do I do? Well, I keep these magical candies called Shut Ups in my purse and when my children come running to interrupt my perfect peace, BAM! I pop one in their mouth and off they run! When my coworker comes to interrupt my flow, BAM! I pop one in her mouth and off she runs! Works EVERY time!

Have lots of fun sharing your Shut Ups or prank a friend (or ex-friend) by sending some anonymously! 

Candy tins says: "Shut Ups" with the tagline "When silence is required" 

Candy: "extra chewy gumdrops".

Gig includes: Decorative tin (2 7/16" wide x 3/4" tall) and 2 ounces of candy.

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I only ship to the United States.

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7 days delivery