I will teach you Guitar in 1 hour on Skype

teach you Guitar in 1 hour on Skype
teach you Guitar in 1 hour on Skype
teach you Guitar in 1 hour on Skype

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About This Gig

Hello fellow students!

In this class I will show you every fundamental step to achieve a professional level of musicianship in guitar.

It doesn't matter what's your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced. I will guide you through the learning process and help you to plan and work on your practicing schedule.

We will work on specific functions performed by a guitarist in any song:

  1. Melody
  2. Accompaniment ("Comping")
  3. Solo (Improvisation)

It is very important for you to contact me with your questions and expectations, so I have time to prepare a custom class before you spend your money.

The first class will consist of a practical plan to achieve your goals in a technical point of view. The following classes will serve to guide you trough the details of the plan and work on your main issues.

If you're new to the guitar world and tomusic, I strongly advise you to get some music theory grasp before attending this class (check out my other gigs!). 

Don't forget to bring your guitar and a notebook!

Looking forward for our next class!