I will use PSYCHIC power to advise You for $5

use PSYCHIC power to advise You
use PSYCHIC power to advise You

About This Gig

Have you ever been standing in place for SO long?
No clue what to do?   What to do Next ?
Apply for a Job ? Is it really the Job for you?
Is he really your TRUE love ?
You have some decisions to make, some Choices to Choose, but you just can't make them?

Hello, I'm Hummiz.
Since I was 5 I had my first psychic experience which at that time I didn't knew it's some powerful gift to have. Once my close circle of friends and family realized that, I got surrounded by so many people asking me to help them.
Honestly?! Too many people I had to leave after for a while and start over where no one really knows my Magic.
Yet, I felt that I was gifted but doing nothing helping others is not the right answer, so I chose a way to help others my way anonymously (not in Fiverr), and I thought... Helping others on Fiverr could be very helpful for others for really a cheap money (30 minutes consulting = $200).
So Here I am. I will gladly try to help you getting some answers for your issues in life.

Please PM before ordering with a brief of your problem or question and some background, also:
  1. Date of birth
  2. Full Name (including middle name)
  3. Sex
  4. Picture if possible

Thank you & Take Care :)