I will translate 500 words for 5 bucks

translate 500 words for 5 bucks
translate 500 words for 5 bucks

About This Gig

I'm not translating. I localize.


Translation is the simple process of changing words from one language to the other being 99% devoted to the original text. Localization goes beyond translation. It is a more complex process of language adaptation for the local market to meet cultural and functional needs, for example: cultural, societal codes and values, weight, lenght, time format, humour etc.

Maximize your sales with high quality Hungarian localizations and translations for the cheapest price on the market available today. We will help you to build products that feel native to every user in the Hungarian market. Successful publishers and developers realize that localized versions of their softwares and games can drive revenues and increase international appeal.

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500 words

500 words for just 5 bucks

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