I will create any short story or poem you would like

create any short story or poem you would like

About This Gig

I love writing in general, and I've done it for years. I'm very creative, and I'm very grammatically and punctually correct. :) I'll post an example of one of my most recent poems on here that I'd done for a contest, so as to give an example. Love, Come Save Me Love, come and save me. Come take the pain away. Hold me in your arms Like you're here with me to stay. I'm crying, I'm broken. But you hold me tighter still. You tell me it's okay, And my emptiness you'll fill. You wipe my tears, Though the point is moot. And show me your love from it's very root. Love, come and save me. Remind me that I'm sane. Remind me not to fall, And save me from the pain. You whisper to me softly, "I'll never run away. I'll hold you in my arms. I'm here with you to stay." You watch me as I fall apart, In pieces on the floor. But you put me back together. And say it's me that you adore. Love, come and save me. And dust off all this dirt. Remind me how you love me, And save me from this hurt. Hope you like it!

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