I will redirect your undecided customers to a better offer

redirect your undecided customers to a better offer

About This Gig

I'm providing you a java script for your html sale webpage that will display a message when a customer decides to navigate away from your offer  and he will be redirected to a better offer of yours (an address, a page  of your choice). 

The message can be customised i.e. " Wait, I will give you a 50% discount. Click 'Cancel' " (please let me know the message to display).
You choose where to redirect the customer (please let me know the URL/address)

This script works with any browser that supports  and allows java script and active X. Tested and guaranteed for Chrome and IE.  

I will provide you the script customized for your needs fully functional in a html file with instructions and you need to copy it in your webpage's html code  and set it up on your own (with no extra help from me). 

If you don't know how to set it up and you want me to do the settings, or/and you need me to create the "better offer page" for you, please order the extra options and you will have my full assistance .
 Any questions, please ask.