I will create a restore disk for your laptop / netbook

create a restore disk for your laptop / netbook

About This Gig

Many laptops and net-books don't have CD/DVD drives and usually you don't get the operating system disk when you purchase the laptop or net-book. So what do you do when something rude happens to your hard drive? Well, you either lose everything on it and buy a new one, or spend almost as much as a new computer on having someone try to rescue the one you have. I have an external USB CD/DVD drive and will create your Windows 'Restore Disk' or "System Image Disk" which improves your chances of being able to recover from the slings & arrows computers are heir to. And, should you need to use the 'Restore Disk' or 'System Image Disk' ... for an additional $5 I will again use my external drive and attempt to recover your hard drive. And it can happen to you, I know because it has happened to me, I neglected to create a "Restore Disk" and there was a time where I heartily regretted that particular oversight. Also, I only work local to the Tri-Cities, and you must bring your laptop or net-book to me. I will post on Tri-Cities Craig's list when and where I can be found (such as Sunday afternoon at Richland Hastings). I will use my 'alias' of Hypatia in the posting so you know it's me.

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