I will fix 301 Views on YouTube

fix 301 Views on YouTube
fix 301 Views on YouTube

About This Gig

Frozen v!ew count ? Get the traffic that will FIX it NOW!

Why is the video view count stuck?

Sometimes you might see that the v!deo viewcount isn’t showing all the views you expect. V!deo v!ews are algorithmically validated to be fair to both content creators and advertisers and maintain a positive user experience. This process assures that the v!deo v!ews are quality views and discards the low quality playbacks.

YouTube want to make sure that all v!ews are validated so during this process the views update less frequently and might occasionally freeze above 300 v!ews to assure quality v!ew count. This is the normal operation in YouTube v!deos.

The viewcounter will not unfreeze until your video receives over 300 valid views

So i will send 300 valid high quality visits to unfeezre your video + additional 1000 high quality visits to give you a jumpstart

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 100% safe unique traffic
  • 95% retention
  • 1 video per gig

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fix 301 Views on YouTube