I will create a Voice over that is 15 seconds and under

Awesome job! Will definitely back for more orders! Thank you so much - amazing experience!
Reviewed by aliciam over 1 year ago
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create a Voice over that is 15 seconds and under

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I will create a voice-over/audio-only commercial for you that is 15 seconds and under in less than 48 hours. I have been in the radio business for over 5 years and have been in television for over 15 years. Each fiverr is for 20-35 words (15 seconds). If it is over 35 words, please purchase more time. Redo's due to your errors are not free. Please review scripts for typos and language syntax; I read what is typed. Thank you! NOTE: I DO NOT ADD MUSIC TO VOICE OVERS!  NOTE: I DO NOT RECORD PROFANITY, OBSCENE, INAPPROPRIATE, OR QUESTIONABLE MATERIAL. NOTE: I DO NOT SYNC my voice to videos! Please do not order a gig without having a script ready. Thank you!

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