I will write a Pattern INTERRUPT Solo Ad Copy

write a Pattern INTERRUPT Solo Ad Copy
write a Pattern INTERRUPT Solo Ad Copy

About This Gig

Still here?

Thought so ; -)

What you've just experienced is a (very) simple example of a Pattern Interrupt.

A Pattern Interrupt, or “PI” for short, is a technique that:

  • Gets people’s attention by disrupting (i.e., interrupting) the normal flow of events that are expected.

  • Disarms people, or throws them off balance, so they are more open to accepting new ideas and are less likely to resort to their in-built defense mechanisms.

Now, the headline above is a pretty straightforward and obvious PI.

Or at least it seems fairly obvious immediately AFTER you've experienced it, right?

Still, it worked – you’re still reading this GIG.

So Here's The *DEAL [It's crucial you use P.I's in the right way]

YOU need my EXCLUSIVE 'PI' writing Solo Ad Copy Service & I'm the person that can deliver! 

This is ONLY for you if you Need more:

  • Sign ups on your squeeze page or blog optins
  • Higher Solo Ad open and Click Through Rates [CTR]
  • More product sales & affiliate commissions

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I write mainly for Make Money Online, Internet Marketing & Weight Loss niches. 

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