I will do 700 words for 1 gig English to Danish or vise versa

do 700 words for 1 gig English to Danish or vise versa
do 700 words for 1 gig English to Danish or vise versa
do 700 words for 1 gig English to Danish or vise versa

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Description Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
  Basic gig order, I mostly deliver within 24 hours. You get 200 words for free by ordering this one. With this premium package you will get 400 extra words
Seller will proofread, correct and revise the transcribed text
Words Included
Word count included in package (additional words may be available for purchase separately)
700 1600 4000
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About This Gig

Need a translation from Danish to English or English to Danish?

I'm the one you are looking for.

I'm born and raised in Denmark, speak and write the language fluent.
I have experience in translation from English/Danish and Danish/English. I have also experience in business language also. As a seller I feel like it's a must to be professional around my customers.

I will assure to give you an extravagant piece of work, I will do grammar as well.

One gig is 700 words or less if you need that.

I'm up for anything, you can just message me with details.

For you I can:

- Have your work done within 2 days if 700 words or less, mostly it is within 24 hours.
- If you need an urgent delivery please let me know.
- If you need a translations that is 4000+ words or more, please contact me. 
- I will also translate adult content.

You can check out my gig extras or message me if you need information.

I only set my Basic and Standard gig on 2 days because I get the most gigs at night, but I will do my best to have them done within 24 hours!

- Nadia

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need a translation, but it is more than 4000 words?
    If you have more than 4000 words, you can contact me and we make a great deal, that makes both of us happy!
  • Do you do other services that translation?
    Yes! I write articles, assignments and other stuff too. I write in english or danish.
  • Can I send you a short sample of the translation, so I can see if you are the right one for the job?
    Yes, please do, if you want to see any of my work I can send that over too.
  • Can you provide layouts, pictures etc.?
    Yes, but you have to let me know that. I do all of my work in Microsoft Word and I provide a basic layout every time, so it looks nice and organized.