I will be your Private Investigator for 50 percent off

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be your Private Investigator for 50 percent off
be your Private Investigator for 50 percent off
be your Private Investigator for 50 percent off

About This Gig

I will be your Private Investigator!

Why am I better than any other Private Investigator on Fiverr? That's EASY!

  • I'm the only professional fully qualified Private Investigator who's the cheapest by far on Fiverr.

  • I'm the only professional Private Investigator who is the CEO (Director) and Founder of a Private Intelligence Agency working with hundreds of organisations.

  • I am the cheapest Private Investigator on Fiverr and the most qualified, with a money-back guarantee if you're unhappy.

  • I am faster than any other Private Investigator on here because of my wealth of knowledge, extensive contacts & skills in the field. 

  • I've done national and international criminal and civil investigations, government and private contracts as well as domestic cases.

  • I'm currently doing my Criminology and Law degree backed up by all my qualifications and experience shows I have an intellectual background, a keen eye to detail and I go above and beyond to ensure expectations are exceeded or at the very minimum met.

  • I have close connections with Law Enforcement and Legal Authorities across the globe (including USA and the UK)

Whatever you need. I guarantee I can do it the best. Choose me.

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1 day delivery unlimited Revisions

I will be your Private Investigator

Due to the nature of Private Investigations, I'll need to know what you want beforehand. 50% off!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you fully qualified and will your evidence/information hold up in court?
    Yes! I'm the only fully qualified Professional Private Investigator on Fiverr. This means my evidence and information will definitely hold up in court. You can count on it.
  • I need my case dealt with quickly, how fast can you do it?
    It's difficult to say on a time-frame without speaking to you. What I can say is I am THE fastest Private Investigator on Fiverr, as well as being THE cheapest, you can't go wrong. I'll do everything in my power to ensure I meet your deadline.
  • Can I have my money back if you didn't do what I asked?
    If you feel I haven't done what you've asked I will refund your money back no questions asked. Your happiness comes first. This has not happened yet, I'm very good at what I do.
  • What I need is quite unique, can you do it?
    Yes, yes yes. There is very little I cannot do as a Private Investigator and my close ties with government officials and organisations as well as private companies allows me to do a lot more than your average Joe.
  • I have a limited budget, are you still able to help me?
    Absolutely, we can work something out. I'll try my best to meet your budget.
  • I'm very anxious that someone may find out what you're doing for me...
    You are protected by the Data Protection Act and Confidentiality as well as Fiverr Terms and Conditions. I can guarantee your information and details are safe at all times and no one will find out anything from my side.
  • Does a UK Private Investigator still know as much as a US Private Investigator?
    Yes, in fact I know more than most US Private Investigators due to being the Director of an International Private Intelligence Agency. I have studied International Law so I know all about U.S Private Investigations as well as UK, and other countries around the globe, more so than most native P.I's.