I will make LOOPS for dj mixes

make LOOPS for dj mixes
make LOOPS for dj mixes

About This Gig

Let's face it, anyone can download software and songs to make a mixtape. But those artists who have the most hits have access too tracks that no one else does.

Take Your DJ Sets to the Next Level!

If your DJ sets are all sounding the same or flat, my beats will spark the mind. I have lots of experience playing out, so get some loops that are tried and true.

Great for remixes and mashups.

What I will do for you is analyze 2-3 songs already on your mixtape and compose custom drum breaks, basslines, or vocal samples. Although I am flexible when it comes to tempos and genres, my loops work best with house, hip-hop, or trap beats.

Order Details

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you use to compose?
    A collection of synths, drum machines (both hardware and software based), and records from which I sample.
  • What kind of format can I expect?
    Since quality is paramount, I send my loops in lossless .wav or .aif format.