I will help you create and distribute your podcast

help you create and distribute your podcast
help you create and distribute your podcast

About This Gig

You want to do a podcast. You have heard some podcasts that you like and want to have a professionally produced podcast episode created. You want to create a following and gain listeners. You may be even thinking of getting sponsors.

If you have an idea, we will consult on how best to take it from your idea to an actual high quality audio file that can be uploaded to ITunes, Google Play or any other number of places.

We will talk about the pros and cons of distribution channels.

We will talk about your prospective audience. We will talk about ways of adding value to your podcast so you can bring them something for their time. This way they will want to share your efforts.

We will talk about scripting and content. We will talk about production techniques and recording requirements to bring good production values to your efforts.

We will talk about developing a brand for your podcast that is memorable and that will communicate your own unique voice to the project.

We will talk about ongoing costs to produce and distribute.

We will agree to maintain confidentiality so that your ideas do not find their way into other people's hands who may want to exploit you.

Order Details

Create your podcast

Go from idea to execution.

5 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we start?
    Once you have ordered this gig. we will discuss your concerns about confidentiality and non compete agreements. If you desire to have some legal recourse regarding these matters, we will sign agreements.
  • Then what?
    We discuss your idea. We discuss similar projects and I listen to a few of them to get an idea of what you want to do.
  • And then?
    We discuss your audience. Who you think they may be. What you think they want to hear about regularly. Where they are. When we will ask them to start listening. And why they would want to listen.
  • And then?
    We look at formats. What do we need to produce this project. Will be doing interviews or monologues? Will we need to produce a script or at least an outline? (In nearly every case the answer is yes) Will we want to add ambient sound? Music?
  • And then?
    We will look at production requirements. What do we have to record the episodes? Do we need other people to produce the episodes? Like Interview participants or even actors. How will we source these other participants? And where are they? Will we use telephone recordings or record in person?
  • And then?
    We develop a production plan and schedule. We develop a sound design plan and schedule. We proceed to record the audio we need and then I take over. Once we have our plans and audio tracks; I mix it down and master it. I follow the plans and we start looking at distribution and marketing actions.