I will tell you what to fix on your website

tell you what to fix on your website

About This Gig

Are you having trouble with your website? Are your users not doing as you wish they would? The answer is here.

User Experience
is becoming more and more important nowadays as the internet becomes a normal part of our daily lives. That is why not only the design of a website needs to look attractive, it also has to make the user's life easier.

I will make a cognitive walk-through, basically going everywhere in your website and measuring how usable it is. If a user in unsatisfied with your website, the more likely thing to happen is that the user will leave your site almost immediately. I can help you stop that from happening.

I'm not only talking about visual design, but the whole experience users receive: readable text, attractive images, viewing the site from different platforms, and all in all getting what they came there for.

I will review the main 10 pages of your site (maximum) for only $5. What's stopping you? Find out more by making an order!