I will translate 300 characters from Japanese

translate 300 characters from Japanese

About This Gig

I will translate anything, from Japanese articles and formal writings to pictures, doujin, manga, websites, and more! Have you seen something in Japanese and you wished you knew what it meant? I can translate it for you if it's below 300 characters. Are you Japanese and need a translation for something? I can also help with that!

*NOTE: There is no restriction whatsoever to the content or nature of the text. (NSFW content allowed)

I'm fluent in English and Spanish and intermediate level of Japanese.

I have the necessary tools and knowledge to translate conversational or academic Japanese. I will study an Engineering degree in Japan, so I also know technical terms up to an intermediate level. I also have the necessary research tools and knowledge for translating texts above my current proficiency level.

If the writing is very old, please use the gig extra. This will reduce the 300 characters, however.