I will translate 300 English words to Japanese

translate 300 English words to Japanese

About This Gig

Do you wish you knew how to say something in Japanese? Any documents you need translated for Japanese audiences ASAP? Maybe there's a text in English that is difficult to understand for you and you would like to read it in Japanese.

I will translate anything for you, be it plain text, office files, images, and even handwriting. I will translate up to 300 words from English or Spanish into Standard Japanese, in any level of formal or informal language, for just $5.

I am studying in a university in Japan, which means I take all my classes in Japanese. I easily passed the N3 Japanese Proficiency Test, and I'm just a little bit short from taking the N2 test, the only one next to the hardest level in Japanese.

Any content is welcome! No restrictions whatsoever, so NSFW content is also allowed.

何らか英語の言葉は日本語でなんというのを知りたいことが有りますか。日本人に対象する予定の書類があり、できるだけ早く翻訳が必要ですか。もしかすると、英語で分かりにくい文を日本語で読んだ方が いいですか。