I will type any 1000 words or below into a word document

type any 1000 words or below into a word document

About This Gig

This $5 Gig allows you to bring any handwritten, or typed document to be re-typed and sent back in a word document. This Gig does not include audio transcription, and is strictly limited to handwritten or typed document. The handwritting must be legible, or relatively easy to read. 

I deliver fast within a 2 day timewindow, and the gig can be ordered multiple times if the document exceeds 1000+ words. If there are any questions about this service feel free to contact me over message, I will attempt to provide the best customer service, aswell as the best product experince. 

Order Details

Basic Package

Pick any handwritten or typed document to be manually typed and sent back.

  • Proofreading
2 days delivery 1 Revision
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Fast Do You Type?
    I type approximately 130 words per minute, and I can keep this speed consistantly.
  • Can You Transcribe Audio?
    No, this service is not for audio transcription, and is for handwritten or pre-typed documents to be re-typed.
  • How Fast Can This Service Be Delivered
    I will attempt to type the document as fast and accurately as possible in order to make the delivery time as fast as possible, and no order shall be charged of cost if the turn-around time exceeds 2 days.
  • What If You Don't Deliver Within 2 Days
    I will complete the service free of charge, aswell as refund you fully.
  • What Languages Can You Transcribe?
    I can only transcribe english.