I will create a web system or script

create a web system or script

About This Gig


I will not work on 'questionable' gigs, this includes homework and scripts which obviously have no leglegitimate purpose. If this fits your request's description, please do not contact me.

I will create a PHP website with optional jQuery/Javascript elements for custom purposes such as:

  1. Guaranteed cross-OS compatibility(All scripts are tested on CentOS and Windows, specific distros will also be tested by request)
  2. API front end
  3. Control panels
  4. Status panels
  5. Integration with back end scripts
  6. & more (Feel free to ask)

The base price of 5$ will not necessarily fit your project. PLEASE contact me in advance so that I can give you an offer based on the scope of your project. Generally, smaller projects will still go for 5$.

Feel free to contact me with questions about this gig.

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