I will write an enticing product description

write an enticing product description

About This Gig

Are you selling on Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, Ebay or any other ecommerce platforms?
Or do you have a game, product, an app, a service or anything at all?
An attention grabbing and seducing product description that compel customers to take action is what you need to increase your sales.

If you have no words describing your product, how on earth are you going to convince your potential customers to buy it? Don’t ignore search engines too; they are not human and cannot read images. If your products employs zero-words in it's descriptions Google won’t like it and may award you with a very low ranking.

Think of products description as a sales assistants. They are there to guide you, help you pick the best product and answer your questions. 
A good sales assistant tells you everything you need to know about the product using the right set of words to convince you to make a purchase. 

This is exactly the purpose of my product description service.

With My Description Writing You Get:

* Attracting Titles
* Well Researched Keywords
* Concise & Compelling Description
* Bullet Points
* Unique Contents
* Unlimited Revisions

Have any question or need express delivery? Please send me a message BEFORE ordering!!

Order Details


300 word enticing product description

  • 300 Words Included (Per product)
  • 1 Title Included (Per Product)
  • Up to 2 Focus keywords
2 days delivery unlimited Revisions