I will draw cute chibi for you

i want my money back this is not the work i wanted.
Reviewed by tomertal1 over 1 year ago
draw cute chibi for you
draw cute chibi for you
draw cute chibi for you

About This Gig

I will draw the cutest chibi ever !!!
 I have a distinct style, and you probably won't find many chibies that look like mine :)
Just place the order, and be sure to add a description, and I will draw a picture for you :)
 Normally I provide jpeg. format picture.  But I may provide other formats too.

 One chibi  full bod, full colored - 5 dollars                    
   ( ONE gig.)
Chibi full body, fully colored with background - 10 dollars
 ( TWO gigs)
Add another chibi to the picture 5 dollars.                    
 (ONE gig)

 I look forward to draw chibies for you !!!