I will create a Tumblr for you

create a Tumblr for you

About This Gig

Obviously, it is easy to just "create" a Tumblr. But to customize it, to make it you, to show people how amazing you are, you will need an incredible format and layout, with great HTML and such. Now I for one feel that I am great with HTML as well as Tumblr, and am extremely familiar with customizing blogs, considering I have 5 of them. With my service, I can edit your blog to your extreme specifics, and can create things such as banners to suit your Tumblr. I can also make things on there that many people struggle with, such as "My Face" pages and things of that sort. Whatever you want, you name it. If you would like to see my work, my Tumblr is http://igoroarcauseimalion.tumblr.com. It is nothing extremely special at the moment due to lack of free time to entirely design my own theme, but I have edited the HTML of the one I have quite a bit. I can do much more work on yours, so no worries.

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7 days delivery