I will do a tarot reading for you and answer three questions

do a tarot reading for you and answer three questions

About This Gig

I am a tarot reader with over 20 years experience. I will do a general reading for you and then answer up to three specific questions. I will choose a tarot deck that corresponds to your questions so you will get the most accurate reading possible. All readings are done for fun and amusement, and no guarantees are expressed or implied. My three points for a person getting his/her first reading are these, 1) A tarot deck is full of symbols and those symbols don't always directly translate, so a picture of someone with a bouquet of flowers doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have flowers delivered tomorrow, sorry; 2) You don't come to a reader to get "the truth," rather you get a reading to give you a different perspective on the situation; and 3) no one knows you better than you do, so if you ever get a reading and it seems off, it probably is. Again, this is a novelty reading for fun and amusement and no guarantees are made or implied. I reserve the right not to answer a question, but if I do this, I will offer to answer a different one instead.

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