I will provide Islamic Business Mentorship and Business Transitions

provide Islamic Business Mentorship and Business Transitions

About This Gig

(1) Personal Islamic Business Mentor
Practice addresses Individuals that seek compliant earning activities and income in keeping with Quraanic instructions.

 Oh You Who Believe | " Truly, Allah has decreed some obligations, so do not neglect them, and He has forbidden certain matters, so do not perpetrate them, and He established some boundaries, so do not violate them"  "Every action not based on our instruction is rejected "

Earn a compliant income from providing rightly-guided solutions. Participate in the development of Global Best Practices in Islam and Challenge and inspire in return,

 (2) Corporate Transition To Islamic Compliance
Ensure the legality of your income and business. SALAM, MURABAHA, MUSHARAKA, MUDARABA, IJARA .The challenge of Islam is to all societies and involves achieving a delicate balance between the needs of the individual earning a permissible income and obligations to the community and  right of the individual to full attainment in Islam.

The practice addresses Start-ups or ongoing businesses that seek transition to compliance. We assist in re-ordering, personal intention to match corporate right conduct and permissible corporate performance

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