I will provide just in time business board counsel

provide just in time business board counsel

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Bespoke Boutique Counsel & Board Advice addresses Start-ups or on-going business  and can provide you with integrated, one-on-one consulting services that are targeted to fit your specific needs.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are often confronted with the same problems that plague larger companies and multi-national corporations, in both cause and targeted identified solutions, except in degree and access to resources.

Who Does a Managing Director or CEO Turn To for Leadership Support? As a CEO/COO you need to learn very early how to survive. When your business is growing every six months, or indeed there has been no movement in a year and you’re 100% committed to keeping your business running, it does not give you much time to reflect, learn, and plan, much less have a life. We can be there to help..

These are issues which arise from the things clients are not so good at or, the things they are not sure how to do or they are not sure if they're dong it right or just the things they don't like doing or even some of the things they are good at - but it's no longer profitable to do it., or even some of the things that you are good at, but just cannot do now.

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