I will recommend you for product distributorship opportunities

recommend you for product distributorship opportunities

About This Gig

Opportunity, we miss 100% of the chances we do not attempt.

New territories take time and resources to establish, before they become profitable. Different cultures and value norms add to the hurdles to be overcome, before the first staffs is employed, or the first product/service is rolled out. This could be your best option in establishing and securing lasting relations.

This is the DoNoDo Information that you need about that market/location/partner that you have always thought about but think you could not afford to do, because of the traditional requirements of costs, time and unquantifiable resource need in a foreign environment.

Recommendation Products

We will recommend qualified applicants for distributorships, with manufacturer’s products and opportunities that we know of professionally, or which we ourselves are involved with. These include, clothing, OEM Consumer electronics, rice, cocoa, coffee.

Recommendation Project Venture Partners

Additionally, we can recommend qualified applicant for consideration for projects and business matching opportunities for your evaluation and selection

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