I will teach you how to rank videos on YouTube

teach you how to rank videos on YouTube

About This Gig

 *This gig is not for google.com ranking, it's only for You  tube ranking.*

Search Engine Optimization on You  Tube is very different from the traditional one. The parameters are different and that's why those who try to apply traditional SEO to videos haven't seen great success rates.

I will teach you everything about video SEO that you need to know to get organic traffic on You  Tube effectively.

By ordering this gig you will: 

  • Get over 26 lectures and 1 hour of content (watch online and download)!
  • Learn how to optimize Titles, Descriptions & Keywords
  • Learn what factors actually matter to You  Tube for ranking.
  • Learn about the good and bad practices for ranking videos.
  • Learn how to engage viewers effectively to boost rankings.
  • Learn how to apply social media to boost your videos.

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