I will draw your portrait and more

draw your portrait and more
draw your portrait and more
draw your portrait and more

About This Gig

Hi I'm Natalie! 

Thank you you for your interest in my Gig! Before you purchase let me give you some essential information.

Your purchase entitles you to a high resolution JPG file. You will NOT receive a hardcopy.

For best results please provide a high resolution photo.

Portraits are generally from the chest up, with the possibility of the waist up. At this time I am not providing full bodied portraits.

 At this time I am NOT selling the license to use this image for commercial purposes. The copyright for the image or images produced in this gig belong to me, Natalie, the artist. By purchasing this gig you are entitled to use this image for personal use only.  It may not be used for profit in anyway. You are not allowed to distribute or redistribute this image.

 I will reserve the right to use this image as I see fit, this includes but is not limited to using it in my portfolio, social media, and distribution.

 Thank you if you have any questions feel free to message me 

Order Details

Simple Color Portrait - Digital

High res and JPG format. One subject. Purchase entitles you to personal use only © belongs to artist

  • High Resolution
  • Color
  • 1 Figure
3 days delivery