I will create a picture collage of your photo

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create a picture collage of your photo
create a picture collage of your photo
create a picture collage of your photo

About This Gig

What is it?
  • a very awesome method of art that use  thousand of tinny pictures to create a one big picture.
Why I should try it?

  • Amaze your friends
              Imagine you have this wonderful art how would be your                         friends reaction. 
  • Apologize from your lover 
              Imagine you forgot your lover birthday just sent this one.

  • Any other reason that is in your mind

Tiny pictures 

  • As we say tiny pictures are the foundation of pig picture.
  • So, you can go with our tinny  pictures collection.these are
                # People's face
                # Cats
                #Christmas declarations
  • Or you can send your own image collection to us. (read important)

  1. at least 500 photos should send as tinny images
  2. image format must be .JPG.
  3. if you don't want to send your pictures, just want to select another collection.
  4. your favor of collection if it is not in above collection we can download and set it for you. 

Big picture

  • You can send your big picture in  .JPG format .
  • output picture resolution will be  same of the input picture.
  • Any way you can change it by selecting type of order.

Let's GO  ahead

  • Press 'order now'.
  • and enjoy the art

Order Details

4 days delivery 2 Revisions

1 person Head to Shoulder

Picture Collage Original resolution(OR)

  • Color
  • Full Body
  • 1 Figure
  • Commercial Use