I will create a EFT tapping script you can sell as your own

create a EFT tapping script you can sell as your own
create a EFT tapping script you can sell as your own

About This Gig

You want to create an ebook for the EFT tapping niche?
Are you an aspiring EFT tapping coach?

I'll create a custom EFT tapping script that I can license to you! You can sell it as your own, and it will be 100% your property. 

My EFT tapping scripts are completely channeled from my intuition. I do not copy and paste. I have been doing EFT tapping for about 5+ years. I am very experienced and can get to the root cause of any issue. I've worked with some of the best EFT tapping coaches in the world.

Just send me the problems that your potential customers are dealing with (weight loss, heartbreak etc). And i'll create an EFT tapping script from scratch!

Note: Script Does not include tapping points.
Only $55 now, but price will rise soon after 10 orders to $80. (only 9 copies left).
Buy it right now to lock in your price

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not give medical advice.

Order Details

Tapping Script

Create a EFT tapping script for healing, on the issue of your choice(without tapping points)

7 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Difference between Basic and Standard Packages?
    Basic is only the tapping script by itself. However, The Standard script includes the tapping points so the client knows exactly which tapping point to tap on. This is very helpful, especially for people new to EFT.
  • Whats so special about the Premium Package?
    Many emotional issues stem from very traumatic childhood experiences that need to be healed. In the Premium Package, I go ALL in to the extreme emotions at the root cause and clear it all. There will be LOTS of curse words and as a result: the most effective healing experience.
  • Does it Include Tapping Points?
    No, only the tapping script. if you want the tapping points added in, it will cost extra.