I will automate a web task using imacros for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
automate a web task using imacros
automate a web task using imacros

About This Gig

Hi i will make you a simple web automation script using imacros for $5 (10 lines of code per GIG). I can automate any web task, i can save you countless hours of work! If there's a web task you do daily, i can automate it.

I'm an advanced imacro coder with more than 5+ years experience i can code both in iim and javascript if needed for more complex task.

Imacros is a free firefox browser addon that lets you automate any web task within the firefox browser.

Some of the automated task i have done for my clients:
- data/web/image scraper
- add to cart
- auto login
- form filling
- account creation
- addmefast

Please contact me before ordering so we can discuss the script you want. For more complex task it will cost multiple gigs.