I will shazam your song from a VERIFIED account with over 12K fans

shazam your song from a VERIFIED account with over 12K fans

About This Gig

We teamed up with an upcoming artist with a VERIFIED Artist Account on SHAZAM to bring you a very unique & genuine gig to Fiverr. No fake likes, fans, bots here. Our artist's account features of 12,000+ Shazam followers from his fans and other music lovers and they are always tuned into updates for the latest song recommendations. This artist as over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. Labeled as a Artist to Watch on CBS, NBC, & more. This gig is PERFECT for artists that are trying to move forward and get ACTUAL coverage for their music. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your song must already be in Shazam's system. If it is not, we can not SHAZAM it. If you don't have a song in the system, but still want the gig; we can manually post updates to the profile itself. Please contact us prior to your order IF you don't have a song already on Shazam so that way we can make sure you suit the gig. 

You will be provided a link of the shazam profile so you can view it yourself as well as use it for proof of order for the gig. The update will stay on page. Thank you! When you order, we will review your song to make sure it is fit for the page as well. 

Order Details


Your song will be Shazam'd from a verified account. Includes proof/link so you can visit or share.

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Artist?
    For privacy of the artist, we don't release his name/page UNTIL the gig is ordered. It is an actual artist's page and we don't want him running into a social issues for us offering this service through him.
  • My song isn't on Shazam yet.
    NO WORRIES! Although we can't add it ourselves, we can still post an UPDATE through Shazam Network (similar to a tweet) that updates followers with whatever we include in it. DO NOTE this is only visible to followers not on profile itself but it is also a lot more personal way to reach the audience