About This Gig

Yes you are looking at the right gig!!  i'm sure you are fed up finding the right person for your unique job! .  

i'm a software engineer   currently working  in a prestige international software company so you will find me having lot of practical experience on various technologies, languages platforms. i'm sure that you can find a solution from me

below are my favorite areas, and the areas i have already worked. but there is a high possibility that what you are looking is not listed there but just contact me and see,  i'm a individual who loves programming and technology so  if i felt your job is interesting  i might love to learn and do....

  •  java 
  •  php 
  •  c#
  • python
  • c
  •  c++
  • javascript, jquery.
  • asp.net
  • jsp
  • Codeigniter
  • wordpress
  • openCart
  • bootstrap 
  • html5, css3
  • phonegap 
  • jquery mobile, sancha touch

one request :- Please do not order directly, there are tasks that can do for 1gig and some are not, so please contact me first

I'm sure you are not just looking a programming Geek right?, i will not work just for the sake of completing!!, you will see that i'm put my full attention to your work. 

Order now,  find the difference of a real software developer ...........