I will give an indepth 8 card Tarot reading

give an indepth 8 card Tarot reading

About This Gig

Do you have a big question and need the universe's guidance?  My Tarot of Mermaids deck can help you!

Ask the cards:

This reading is for the BIG questions or situations in your life. Love, Money, your Future!

The Reading:

~This reading consists of an 8-card "mermaid" spread.
It is designed to;
  • Break down your current situation,
  • Show you your strengths, and weaknesses,
  • How your problem or question could get out of hand, and
  • What you will need to do to get the best outcome possible.
~ I will be using my well-attuned Tarot of Mermaid to do these readings. It is an amazing deck, and I have high accuracy with my readings using this deck.

Getting your Reading:

You can receive your reading in two ways: Through Fiverr's order messaging system, or through e-mail, both of which will include photos and written description of the reading. 

This reading will be made in under two days, though most orders will be made as soon as the order is place, or by the end of the night. The only exceptions is on Monday nights, where I have other obligations.

Order Details

2 days delivery