I will write a vegan nutrition plan for weight loss

About This Gig

I offer you the service to connect with me and skype for up to 1 hour, and consider what will work best for your personal health goals in regards to foods you can add to your daily diet to support these goals.

Contact me for the individualized service of a certified holistic health professional Nutritionist who can really work with you in just a few consults. Go with 1 gig, or choose your extras for a full work up. It's all here on this page, and you can order as many as needed to maintain your pace.

Let me be your personal consultant in nutrition and diet. Sometimes, even coaches need a coach in food & nutrition. I would love to see my assistance and approach succeed a million times over, so I'm putting myself out here for you.

1 gig and you will receive the initial intake and history evaluation, in a Skype conversation. I evaluate each person individually - no pre-written diets!

You will be asked for age, height, weight, health conditions, activity level, and we will personally connect online via Skype, Facebook msg, texts or even email.

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