I will give a customer testimonial for your product

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Reviewed by nana888 about 2 years ago
give a customer testimonial for your product
give a customer testimonial for your product
give a customer testimonial for your product

About This Gig

Customer testimonials are your driving force behind client attraction. These testimonials make it easy for shoppers to make informed decisions about your product and increases the chances they will act on a sale before leaving your site.

These impressions make it feel that your product is more applicable to your clients. Adults will feel like "Oh, that sounds like me!"

Testimonials and reviews also help you position yourself in the market so that customers come back to you and pay attention to your product. They increase traffic to your site via sharing.

Clientele will have a better understanding of your product, and feel the possibilities of your product.

All requests are reviewed, and if it's something I'm not able to give a fully positive honest review for I will refund your money right away.

You will have the choice of one of the following:
1. Online based on the product specifics and my expert opinion.
2. Physical based on product free sample.

After you click to buy the gig you will be asked about product specifics and to send a sample of your product you can state that at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you write a negative review on an item I specify?
    No, you can not tell me what to write in my review. I offer an honest review and you should be the seller of the item, you should provide the item specifics, msds information, or a free sample to be reviewed, and expect honesty.
  • Can you make a video testimonial?
    Yes, some platforms allow video uploads and my video testimonials are limited to 1 - 3 minutes each. These are not scripted, as instructions apply to honest reviews. Videos are in the extras section.