I will be your diet consultant 1 gig is a half hr visit

be your diet consultant 1 gig is a half hr visit

About This Gig

Begin your change in health from where you are right now.
You are in the right place to learn, and make informed decisions for yourself and loved ones.
  • You are the starting point from where the change begins.
  • You can become a master of your own health
  • It's not about feeling starved at all, it's about being full with the right foods.
  • I encourage plant based and vegan diets, but I can simplify them into an omnivores diet as well.
  • I've coached people through the stages of becoming vegan, and balanced as a vegan.
  • I've helped diabetics with heart conditions identify food choices and lists, even menu's to choose from for good healing meals.
  • Each approach is written specific to the person, so nothing is instantly delivered.

1 Gig = 1 Nutrition consult via Fiverr or Skype (1/2 Hr.)
  • Let's talk about approaches to managing YOUR condition through food choices, or getting closer to your health goal. 

This information may include foods that help to repair the imbalance, and restore balance to our health
  1. Identify foods to avoid
  2. Identify Healing herbs
  3. Talk Supplements
  4. Self care, lifestyle, and approaches

Limited spaces available. When booked, the gig will go into vacation mode. I've got time for you now!