I will optimize Nutrition for your Health Goals

optimize Nutrition for your Health Goals
optimize Nutrition for your Health Goals

About This Gig

Optimize Nutrition
Your opportunity to have your approach to food individualized

$5 Gig

  • Design your list of foods to avoid, foods to add in daily for optimal support, and portions for your current goals of gaining, maintaining, or loosing weight.

Gig Extras:

  • Recipe book (145 Pages, over 100 Simple & Delicious Varieties of food)

  • 5 Day Shopping List & Menu: All of your ideal foods, and some of your favorites *This requires the additional question regarding your favorite foods and what you like to eat.

  • Health Condition Report: Order this if you would like a report about how your condition/s are managed holistically, and what you can do.

  • Vegan Conversion Coaching: Order this if you are eliminating soy, dairy, and/or meat, eggs, fish & honey. Report includes your personal nutrition needs for your current health goals, and information on foods that curb cravings for those items.

  • Personal Support: Phone/Skype/Text/Email Talk for an hour Daily for 1 week

Full Service = All Gigs

  • I require vital information such as any health conditions, health goals, pain history, activity level comfort zone, along with age, height, weight. Please respond fully to the initial question when you order your gig.