I will give you 1000 twitter followers

give you 1000 twitter followers

About This Gig

I will send you 1000 real Twitter followers to your profile instantly, who are active followers. All you have to do is send me your profile link or username of the account you wish to be granted the extra followers. Please note, I DO NOT, and WILL NOT ask for your account password. If you wish multiple accounts to be granted foll0wers, then the price will be 5 x (number of accounts you want with a nice 1000 foll0wer boost) This service is incredibly useful for advertising products/services, your blog, your website or genuinely looking more popular. I will not be held liable if: 1) Twitter suspends your account (not likely, just making sure) 2) 1 of the 1000 users unfoll0w you I can only do this service once per account. Thank you for taking the time to read my gig. I hope you enjoy your 1000 new foll0wers :)

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1 day delivery