I will seo eBay by adding watchers to your listing

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Great work, communication. Will definitely come back for next work.
Reviewed by stellamin over 1 year ago
It was awesome. Same delivered what exact he told.
Reviewed by rajeshwadhwa28 over 1 year ago
you did delivery but no body did not buy any thing I need people who is going to buy
Reviewed by makemoney4life2 almost 2 years ago
seo eBay by adding watchers to your listing

About This Gig

So you need more exposure for your eBay listings? Don't waste your time ! I've found a way to improve my eBay SEO by getting more visitors to your listing - and I'm able to do this for you today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I get?
- I will add a total of 255 eBay watchers to your auctions in 24-hrs!

Is it safe?
- Yes. I've been doing this for several months now, for both myself and hundreds of clients, without any adverse effects.

Do you need access to my eBay account?
- No. Just submit your auction url to me, and I'll do the rest!

Which type of auctions does this work with?
This works with both BIN (Buy It Now), and normal bidding formats.

How many auctions can I submit for $5?
  • $5 package - you can submit 3 url,
  • $10 + packages - you can submit up to 5 auctions - Note: If you order the extras below, you'll receive free traffic too!

    Able to get watchers for ANY category!!!

    Gigs done within 24-hours!!!

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