I will give dating advice and insight

give dating advice and insight

About This Gig

Dating a guy can be difficult for the woman involved. He can be distracted, changeable, and emotional due to outside influences. As a full time professional advisor with experience on this subject I can help you through this. 

I work full time as a spiritual  advisor and healer. My education is a Psychology degree and I have a Post. Grad. in Counselling.  Most of all though is that I have a lot of useful personal experience in this area that I can use to help get you through your issue. 

What you will get from me is direct and concrete advice. This is not a spiritual reading. 

I can help you to cope and understand what is going on with your guy. Your assistance from me will be directed to you and in response to your issue. I will give constructive advice on what you can do in your situation. 

I can tell you what is normal behaviour from him and what is not. Talk you through how to handle him and the situation. I will give focused advice that you can use.