I will tell you what they are thinking and feeling

tell you what they are thinking and feeling

About This Gig

Professional Irish Psychic - I will tell you in detail what the other person is thinking and feeling. What is going on in the relationship and with you. Time frames given where possible.  I will tell you where you stand and where things are headed. I will give guidance into the best course of action where possible. 

You can expect your question answered clearly. This is a genuine Psychic reading, I will be kind but honest.

This is a one topic/subject/issue reading. Please do not subdivide. No questions about health or pregnancy for legal and ethical reasons please.

I am a full time professional Psychic advisor. An energy healer, my source is positive and from the light.

On other sites I am a 5 Star highest rated reader and this is a secret listing. My rate elsewhere is $3.99 a minute. I am a natural born Psychic with clairaudient abilities. Your reading with me will bring clarity and direction to your situation.