I will be your editor and revisor

be your editor and revisor
be your editor and revisor
be your editor and revisor
be your editor and revisor

About This Gig

Basic Gig:
  • Editing, proofreading, and commenting text up to 1500 words ($5)

Gig Extras:
  • Further Editing ($10 for every 1500 words above 1500)
  • Editing WITH revision/rewriting up to 1500 words ($15)
  • Further Editing WITH revision/rewriting ($25 / 1500 words after the first 1500)

Note: Please contact me before submitting jobs with 6000+ words so that we can okay them! :)

Ask me about rush order pricing! :)

  • Scientific writing
  • Essays
  • Research Papers
  • Fiction
  • Blog/journal articles
  • Resumes/cover letters

Experience includes:
  • WRS103 - Introduction into Writing in the Sciences (extensive peer editing in a variety of formats including interviews, and newspaper articles)
  • ENGL 124 - Literary Analysis (extensive peer editing in essays)
  • BIOL298 - Understanding Biological Research (extensive research paper peer-editing of abstracts, introductions, methods, results, discussion, conclusion)
  • Writing "master resumes" and tailoring them for the job being applied to
  • Write101x - English Grammar and Style

What you will get:
  • your document with changes/comments tracked and shown on the document so you can choose to accept or reject any of the changes that I have made
  • a copy of the modified document without any markings

Order Details

Introductory Editing Gig (1/order)

Please take a look at the gig description to find out how you can customize your order!

  • Up to 1500 Words
5 days delivery 1 Revision